Rough sketch of the house and the colors

 This work is formed from dialogue with an old woman who is painting a house. I have been continuing to see her painting about once a month. The house is her imagination, and it is built in a forest of her daydream. She made a garden around the house, and repaints the color of a roof every time. One day, a chimney suddenly came out, but garden stones vanished, a stream appeared at the space where the tree disappeared, and a glassed sun porch was concealed by a new tree. In addition, a living room is said to be behind of those stuffs. Her life at the space is in a twosome. I drew for trying to take her utopian space to this real place. Then some fragments of her daydream might begin to appear as leaning existence on here.

                                                                                                            translated by  Michael Brennan

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